Between Us Girls by Megan Byrd REVIEW

Between Us Girls by Megan Byrd is a book every young woman should have in her library. Megan boldly speaks of her experiences in college and of the things she, as a young Christian, wishes she had been prepared for before heading to the big campus.

Megan’s goal in writing this book is to point young women toward Jesus and to help them see that their identities are not found in the men they date. She talks openly about sexual integrity and abstinence. If you have a young adult woman in your life that is getting ready for college, I recommend getting this book for her.

Book blurb: Will you head off to college soon? Or perhaps you’ve already started at a university and found the going a little rough? Have you prepared yourself for all that you may experience, both on-campus and off? Do you know how to strengthen your faith and locate resources to help draw you closer to God? Between Us Girls: Navigating College Life as a Christian Woman can help you prepare for campus life. In this book, you’ll learn about… • Strengthening your relationship with God • The importance of finding a Christian group on campus • The different types of guys you will encounter • What to do if you mess up • Potential stumbling blocks to your faith and your relationships • Straight talk about sex Through reading candid, real-life stories and advice from Christian women about their time at college, you’ll discover that you’re not the only one facing challenges and struggles on campus. Even more importantly, you’ll learn about great opportunities for redemption, success, and a rich adventure with God.


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