Lynn Dove's Journey Thoughts

Here’s what I think…take it or leave it.  If you cause another to “stumble” in any way shape or form…it is sin, period.  Drinking, indulging in food…even getting someone addicted to Facebook…

None of the above is “bad” in itself unless the indulgence of that one thing takes a person’s mind off of Christ.

We read in scripture that God is a jealous God.  That means that anything that distracts us from Him or His purpose for us can be considered an idol to us.  The second and third and fourth commandments in Exodus 20:3-5 clearly make that point.  Consider how important that is to God if 3 out of the 10 commandments deal with the idea of putting God first in every aspect of your life.

ANYTHING that distracts us from God (TV, computer, gaming, sports, shopping, recreation, work, school…etc. etc.) can become to us an “idol” if we indulge in that activity to the…

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