It Takes a Snowstorm to Slow Us Down Sometimes

If you’re not from Georgia, then you may not be able to relate to this post. But here in Georgia, we don’t often get snow. And when we do get snow, we don’t often get snowed in. And we rarely get ice on top of the snow.

Well, On January 9, 2011, we got it — and we got it BIG! It was fun the first day. And maybe even the second. But by the third day, we were running low on milk and could not get out of our driveway to get it. Even if we could get out of the driveway, we couldn’t get out of the hilly neighborhood we live in. The snow came on Sunday night and literally chased my twenty-year-old daughter home from church. By Friday, with the driveway still iced over, we were all ready to kill each other. 🙂

That week, my son was also sick with a fever and the usual virus symptoms. The week before, after returning home from a conference with over 20,000 people, my daughter was sick with the same thing. So for her, it was a nightmare to be snowed/iced in. In ten days, she had only left the house twice. Can you imagine my pain for just a moment? A young adult TRAPPED in the house for ten days? Okay, thanks for the pity. Now on to my point.

Yes, there was boredom during that time. But I realized that also during that time there was a lot of prayer and contemplation happening and the creative juices even flowed. Writing projects were moving. Pieces of artwork were being painted. Games with dusty boxes were being played. Woodworking was going on. Time for reflection, laughter, creativity…time that would soon vanish as quickly as the snow and ice would be gone.

Thirteen days later, there is still a small patch of a snowy icy mixture on my front lawn to serve as a reminder that sometimes God has to bring a snowstorm/ice storm to slow us down long enough to remember what we’re here for and long enough to stop the whirlwind of friends and activities and comings and goings to show us that He is in control. “Be still and know that I am God.”


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