Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband!

This past year has been the most stressful one my family has had probably ever. It has also been the most blessed one. I’m going to write a blog about everything we’ve been through and about all the blessings God has given us. But the story is not quite finished yet so that will have to wait.

But for now, I can tell you about the wonderful man that I am so blessed to call “husband” and that my children call “Dad” unashamedly. My husband is a man who never gives up. He has never failed to faithfully come home every evening. He has always treated me gently even when he may feel like fussing. He always puts our needs and wants first.

When Kayla had her car accident and broke her back last May, Dan was there to partner with me as we took care of her while God restored her back to health. He held down the fort and made sure Seth was not abandoned while I stayed in the hospital with Kayla for three days. When we needed money for the kids to go to camp, he worked an extra job to pay for it. He has always faithfully provided for our family and has rarely asked for a dime to spend on himself.

When he lost his job in September, he continued to humbly ask for work and never found a job too menial. He willingly gave up his retirement account to pay bills. When we received gifts of free groceries and even secret Santa gifts on our front porch for Christmas when we were unable to have even one gift under the tree, he was a gracious receiver and never let pride block the bountiful gifts the Father decided to bestow upon us. At first, it was a $20.00 gift disguised in a handshake. Then it was mysterious $20.00 bills floating around in the leaves in our driveway. Then it was the surplus from the grocery store given to us by a friend. Every small gift and then every large gift revealed to us that the Mighty Father up above was watching over us and making sure that we were cared for.

Dan and I agreed to tithe during this time as we always have. It was easy to follow his leadership. It’s always easy to follow a man who is seeking the Lord. He continued to lead our family through the doors of the church and continued to serve. His kindness and faithfulness made others wants to give to us and caused others to grow in their prayer lives as they prayed for us night and day.

Even when Dan was rear-ended in April and his truck was totaled, he had enough strength to repair Kayla’s brakes on her car and to support me as I spent time at the hospital with a friend who had an aneurysm.  He never forgets to put us first. He is such a Godly example of what a man should be.

In case you’re wondering, no, he’s not perfect. But he is perfect for me and perfect for our family. He’s what makes our family what it is. We’re odd sometimes. We’re quirky. We’re unconventional and usually go against the grain of what society considers normal. But together, we do just fine and we’d be lost without him. It’s been a wild ride but one so worth it. I love my man, Dan!


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