Modern conveniences

So for almost five years, we’ve had nothing but standard cable hook-up here at the house. Just $7.93 a month gets you something like ten channels to watch. Not too shabby. We’re always excited when we go on vacation because late at night we can watch Discovery, NatGeo, History Channel, Style, etc.

We’ve also had a Blockbuster on-line membership where we get all the movies we want for one set price a month. The problem with that is that we keep the movies too long or forget we have them and we end up having two movies a month. That’s no deal.

So, about two weeks ago, we decided to cancel the Blockbuster and cancel my Weight Watchers online account (since I reached my goal) and upgrade our Comcast. So we waited a week, they came out, added everything, and then…it wasn’t what we thought it would be. The channels they told us we would get didn’t come through. Now, grant it, we had a few more channels (even NatGeo and the Science channel) but it still wasn’t what they told us. I called. They said to be patient. It would take a few days for everything to come in. The technician even told us we would have On Demand. Cool! We waited still. I mean this was like waiting for a waitress to bring you a menu at Johnny’s. What we never had before wasn’t good enough. Finally, after a few days, I called back and spoke with someone who informed me that we didn’t have those channels we were waiting for. We didn’t have On Demand. In fact, for our added $20.00 a month, we were only getting the kid channels and maybe some news and sports. And my husband even lost his Ultimate Fighting channel. How sad.

So, one night, the door bell rings and Dan does to the door. Who is standing there? AT&T reps going door-to-door selling the new Uverse. We could get 200 channels, phone, Internet, and wireless for any computers in the home for the same price we were now paying after adding the pitiful Comcast channels. Yay! How exciting! So we waited for the day…they came out to install. You know, be there bewteen noon and 2:00.  The outside guy came at 11:30…early! That never happens. The inside guy came at 3:30.  😉

By 7:30, we were starting to worry. Why wouldn’t things work? Finally, by 9:00, he said he’d have to come back tomorrow because there was something wrong with the outside wiring and the guys had all gone home for the night. He said it had something to do with our street.  Could it be because we live in a twenty-year-old house? The guy was nice enough to hook back up our Comcast for us so we would have something to watch when the excitement around here lulled enough to need tv.  😉

So yesterday, the outside guys came back and were here and gone, here and gone, multiple times. It was like mysterious little elves out there working. I’d have phone and Internet, then I wouldn’t have phone and Internet.  So…I’m still waiting for my 200 channels. Maybe I should just go back to Egypt to my ten channels, huh?


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