Seeing God in Everything

Seeing God can seem hard to do at times, but not if we try to look for him with our spiritual eyes. 

This past week has been a whirlwind of emotions for me.  My mother-in-law left for her very first mission trip; she went to Romania.  That was frightening and exciting at the same time.  She had never left my father-in-law before, so we knew this would be difficult for the both of them, yet rewarding, at the same time.  She has watched our daughter be so passionate about her “homeland” Jamaica and wanted to catch that vision.  I think she did.

While she was in Romania, our daughter was at church camp.  My son didn’t go because many of his friends weren’t going.  Also, it was at the beach, and he doesn’t like to stay out all day, so he made the decision not to go.  Well, let me just say that he regretted that decision before the campers even left for camp (because most of his friends accepted last minute scholarships and went)…and I regretted not sending him.  This was a tough lesson for him to learn about the consequences of your decisions.  It was also a learning experience for me for several reasons.  First, I initially tried to find a way to send him to camp even after eveyone had already left. I tried to find someone he could ride with. Then, I realized that MOMMY didn’t need to fix this.  I can’t always rush in to save the day.  Also, I learned about not letting someone else’s bad mood bring you down.  Much quality time was lost this week because of grouchy behavior and because two second-born children (my son and I) each refused to bend.  We did spend some time playing Battleship and it was fun to beat him!!!

Also, we had a water pipe to burst and our air went out!  Praise the Lord the air was just something my husband had to work with when he got home from the office…but not before my son and I had to be in an 89 degree house all day.  The water pipe is being repaired today by my husband…ugh. 

A friend gave me an old laptop this week, and that was so sweet of her to think of me.  She knew that mine had crashed and died last year, leaving me without any way to get off by myself and work on my novels/Bible studies in quiet.  Well, that’s not entirely true…I can do it the old fashioned way and use a pad and pen.  I just don’t often have the time to write these days because I work from home and homeschool.  So I had come to the conclusion that even though I wanted a laptop, I didn’t really need one because I didn’t really have any current goals set for my writing these days.

THEN….I got a book contract!!!!!  Yes, you heard me!!!  A publisher accepted one of my novels this week.  I had just about lost all hope of ever seeing this happen.  I submitted my proposal to them last June!!  I’ve had so many rejections over the years, that after a while you just send proposals and forget about them.  That’s pretty much what I had done.

So, this week, I’ve had ups and downs, crazy days and lazy days, joy and heartbreak.  But (in looking back) I found myself giving glory to God even in the rough times.  And, I think he keeps rewarding me for that faithfulness.  I feel truly rewarded because even though my husband is digging up the yard, I’m trying to pay big bills with a small pocketbook, and there’s so many things I want to do and can’t find the time to do them, I’m healthy, safe, blessed, and content.  So, I’m rewarded.


2 thoughts on “Seeing God in Everything

  1. brumbemom June 10, 2008 at 12:33 pm Reply

    Hey my friend,
    That is great news! I am very excited for you. It has been a long time coming and you most definitely deserve it after all your hard work and years of waiting!! That is a testament to all of us to not give up on your dreams, God is just waiting for His timing to be fulfilled. (I just wish HE could work a little faster sometime 😉 )

  2. sherrijinga June 10, 2008 at 1:19 pm Reply

    I keep reminding myself that part about how a day to God is like a thousand years to us (paraphrased, of course), and then I realize that my book actually got accepted before I even wrote it…if you look at it through God’s eyes. So, that’s cool. But, you’re right…waiting is the hardest part.

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