In the Strangest Places

I am currently reading a book written by Dr. Phil’s wife Robin.  It’s called Inside My Heart.  I picked it up at the library while searching through the Christian non-fiction section. I have often wondered about their family and what their views are on Christianity.  You know, I like to get inside someone’s head about as much as Dr. Phil does.  🙂

Well, I never thought this book would be such a little treasure.  Robin is a spitfire, and I guess she would have to be to live with Dr. Phil.  I am not through with the book yet, so I will likely have an update to this.  But, I find it to be quite empowering.  She talks a lot about how we cannot just sit back and let life happen to us.  We do have some control over our circumstances.  Many of us just sit back and say “Woe is me,” and just let life happen.  Robin says that although God is in control, he can only (or will only) do with us what we allow him to do with us. So true.  She says that God has so much for us if we would only grab it.  She is a believer that there is much happiness out there for each of us if we would only look for it.

I totally agree with her.  I have had many a day where I just sat here wallowing in my self-pity or my disatisfaction with whatever was going on in my life at that particular moment.  I am sure I will have many more of those days.  But, this book has confirmed to me that “you are what you eat” to a big degree.  I mean if we believe that God has the best in store for us (his best for us, not for someone else) then we should be able to rise up out of our current circumstances and accept his gifts to us. If you only eat junk, you’ll be junk.  If you eat good stuff, you get good results.


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