Good Old America

Today I watched an interview with Bill O’Reilly who just wrote a book called Culture Warrior.  I really liked what he had to say.  He said that we so often complain about the world we live in but we never do anything to change it. 

My pastor just spoke about that same issue Sunday.  He talked about how we all either tend to conform to or to attack the culture instead of trying to change it and shed some light upon it. 

Bill O’Reilly said that we sit back and talk about how there are no good candidates to vote for and we just feel helpless and let it all happen.  Well, we can’t do that.

As Christians, we HAVE to fight secularism.  The best way to fight is to pray for our leaders.  Even a non-Christian leader can become a Christian while in office, so let’s not limit what God can do there. But, we also need to get involved at the local level.  Bill O’Reilly said that if we see something happening in our community that we don’t like, we need to fight it. We need to inform our leaders that we are not going to stand for such things. If it’s a TV show or something on the Internet we don’t like, send an email and let the producers or whoever is in charge know that we do not like it.  Bill said we can even cancel newspaper subscriptions and such. That sends a big message and hits them in the pocketbook. 

We cannot let the world take over. America is a great country because it was founded on Christian beliefs. Let’s not sit idly by and let the world have control.  We have a God-given right to live in a God-led country!


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  1. Kim March 1, 2008 at 1:08 pm Reply

    Can I add you to my blogroll 🙂

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