Hello world!

Hello!  My name is Sherri Wilson Johnson.  I am a Christian first, a wife and mother second, a sister, daughter-in-law, writer, speaker, and homeschooler next.  I am a playful otter on somedays, a reflective melancholy on others, and a busy beaver on the rest of the days. I enjoy being home, but love to be with friends, too.  I love to talk…and even though God gave me more ears than mouths, I tend to talk more than I listen.  I love to spend time with the people I love and hate to rushed.  I would rather sit and chat over a cup of coffee than to clean house or pay the bills. 

I believe that in the end all you need is love and if you don’t have love then nothing else matters anyway.  I recently learned that men would rather have respect than love.  Women would rather have love than respect and find it hard to love someone they don’t respect.  Isn’t that hilarious?  What a cruel joke. 

I consider myself to be a work in progress and hopefully am improving everyday.

Check out my website:  www.sherrijohnsonministries.com


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